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We Listen to Our Students


As a second year law student who has always been interested in international law, and who wants to use her foreign language for her future career, ICIL is the place where I learned what I can do and what I want to do exactly. Thanks to international law formation project I took international law courses, special educational programs and I met experts, academics and students from higher levels and learned from their experiences. All these opportunities led me to have a more conscious educational process and a more efficient legal training. Also thanks to ICIL I had the opportunity to learn international legal terminology from its original language and original sources which is not possible for a law student in classical Turkish educational system. I am excited and proud to be a member of ICIL while it is progressing in the way of institutionalization and producing more for my country and international community.


My opinions about ICIL are very different before and after becoming a member of it. The purpose of this association is as important as the working devotion and cooperation within the group members. I hope that such sincere organizations would go on and never stop.


ICIL is working with a professional staff who are giving their all to teach, make us more experienced, guide us in academic way by nurturing our abilities and thoughts, trying to bring the best out of us. They have lecturers who are excelling in different branches of international law and eager to convey what they learnt to show a path on the way of our education life. The team behind ICIL has committed themselves to bring forth as many experiences as possible by preparing us summer and winter courses. They will bring a new understanding of international law in Turkey by training disciplined international lawyers.


Thanks to ICIL; we can evaluate and critisize issues that occured in international area. Our modules which includes several sub-branches of international law is providing us the legal basis of international law. Also with lectures we are improving our law terminology. Besides these facilities, with presentations of important cases, summer schools and academic writing lessons; ICIL is creating creating new opportunities to us to become an international lawyer on behalf of our country.


Icil, where we have been taking lectures on various branches of international law, provides sufficient conditions for both to determine our future goals and raise an awareness in the perception of the law with the post-graduate concept to undergraduate students. Apart from academical perfections, it, also, contributes our personal development with the organizational consciousness given us.


I am a student of ICIL for almost a year, and I can tell you that I am honoured to be a part of such a successful organisation. We are taking public international law classes every week, and also we are having lectures about all the aspects of international law via skype. In our lessons, as students, we are always active and participating. We also make arbitration programs among ourselves. With this type of system, we are not just learning, but also we are practising what we have learned. Our lectures are in English which is really important. I am thankful to my teachers not just for teaching, also for caring about our academic progress. I had a lot of good friends in this program. With this program, people who have common interests in law are coming together and meeting each other. Also, we have made a 1 week symposium about refugee law. It was international and students were from all over the world. I have learned so much in ICIL. And I can definitely suggest you to take this program. If you are interested in international law, this is the place you can improve your knowledge and practice.


For those who don’t know what ICIL is or how does it work, I can say that ICIL is a team more than an organization. A team full of wise lecturers who fulfills my dreams and goals by giving the notion of international law. I believe that, being a student especially a law student makes us wonder everything happening not just in Turkey but all over the world. In order to understand latest news, we should know correct sources, a basis of law and of course terminology of law. Therefore ICIL helps us about finding sources, learning law and the terminology.