Taking into consideration Turkey’s active role in international politics and the crucial importance of International Law, the founders of ICIL pay attention to the need for long term projects that arises clearly. As a volunteer organization all activities within ICIL is continuing with this voluntarism which forms our corporate identity. We as a few students, academicians and lawyers work to contribute Turkey’s key role in international politics.

There are limited academicians working on International Law in Turkey. In the light of the crucial importance of International Law, it’s clear that a country which is very close to the areas that are involving with the serious international law problems needs qualified people. Being founded on that necessity ICIL is dedicated to provide a productive environment for them.


Istanbul Center of International Law (ICIL) was found in 2012, its formation programs have started in 2015. Until 2015, ICIL focused on having human resources that will be essential for its long-term goal which is to be one of the most prestigious institution on International Law not just in Turkey but also all over the world. Besides actively participating lots of important organization, ICIL’s most important work is International Law Formation program because of its sustainability and future perspective