Blog Rules

This page sets out the policy of ICIL Blog with regard to (1) submissions of posts for publication on the blog and (2) comments on published posts. If you are interested in submitting posts or comments, you should read this guidance carefully.


Submitting posts for publication

The blog accepts required submissions. Submissions will only be published if they: (a) are written in English or Turkish of good quality, are clear, direct, to the point and well structured; (b) comply with our word limit and style guidelines below; and (c) are civil and respectful in tone throughout. We are looking for excellence as a necessary condition for publication, but it is not always sufficient for your submission to be posted. The decision of publishing a piece could be influenced by the need for a balance of topics, the fact that something similar has already been commissioned, and other similar considerations.

If you want to submit a post for consideration, please email the editorsat,, If you have already been in touch with one of the editors, feel free to correspond with them only; otherwise, please email all (in a single email) and one of us will get back to you. It takes a while for us to review submissions; for a decision to be published it has to be reviewed. Publication itself can also take a few days, depending on how busy the blog and the editors are.  We try our best to prioritize posts which are time-sensitive.

As a general policy we only accept posts that haven’t been published elsewhere. Moderators may ask the editors for permission to cross-post to another blog, if the circumstances allow or getting permission from other blog may be required. For all circumstances, permission must be granted from both sides.


Style guidelines for post submissions

  1. Contributor bio and photograph: If this is your first time contributing to ICIL Blog, we will create or update your contributor profile. Please submit in the same Word document as your post a brief bio. Please also attach a color photo of yourself to your email. You are expected to send other photographs that are relevant to the content of your post, if there is any.
  2. Length and headings: The general limit for the length of a post is 1500 words. We know that some topics need a longer treatment, but shorter posts are more likely to be read. Longer posts will be published only exceptionally, after a judgment by the editors. Such posts may be split into two, which will run on successive days. Use headings at your discretion (e.g., every four paragraphs) to break up long posts.
  3. Fonts, spacing, and paragraph format:Any font is fine. Please submit your post single spaced with a single line return between paragraphs and no indentation. Headings should be in bold.
  4. Footnotes: Please donot include any footnotes. If you are submitting an already-written piece containing footnotes, decide whether to move the footnote text into the main body of the piece or delete it.
  5. Citations: Please put any citations/references in parentheses immediately after the propositions or quotations that they support. We do not accept footnote citations. Cite only when necessary.
  6. Hyperlinks: Insert embedded hyperlinks to relevant supporting materials and legal texts, including statutes, treaties, and cases, and to relevant previous ICIL Blogposts. Always consider if it would be useful to the reader. In Word, hyperlinks can be easily embedded by selecting text, right-clicking, and choosing the hyperlink option in the contextual menu.


Guidelines for comments and moderation policy

  1. To be able to be a commenter on the blog, your first comment has to be scanned by the moderators. Basicallyyour first comment will not be posted directly but, it will be reviewed by the moderators after getting an approval. After this approval, you will be able to post all subsequent comments directly to the blog. If your first post is accepted, you will be able to directly post all subsequent comments by using the same username and email address which you provided in your first entry.
  2. We ask that all posts be written civilly and with an eye toward substance.It is expected from our contributors to sustain a respectful tone while giving critical and robust analysis, but at the same time to avoid antagonized statements and disturbance in the comments and debates in the ICIL Blog.

Hoping that with these admonitions situations such as profanity, personal insults, and tangential commentary laced with invective will be precluded. If not, we reserve the right to delete posts, edit them for civility or ban commenters outright. Any comments questioning moderation decisions will also be deleted; if you feel a comment was moderated without justification, please email the editors.

  1. Please do not use this blog to further alternative agendas.