ICIL Formation 1 Program

A. Selection Procedure

Application Requirements

  • Being successful in the interview
  • Having a basic level of public international law and English language proficiency (Both conditions will be examined by interview)
  • Only applicants who are at the 2nd or 3rd year of their law faculty can apply to the program. (Only exceptional applicants who are at the 4rd grade of their law faculty may be considered by the Admission Committee)



  • In the preliminary elimination, the admission committee will review the applicant’s profile based on their documents (Gpa, CV, motivation letter etc.). Only successful candidates will be invited to the interview.
  • The purpose of the interview is to examine the motivation, the level of public international law knowledge and language proficiency of the applicants.
  • The interview lasts 10 minutes and takes place via Skype.

IMPORTANT: It is imperative that the applicants follow the instructions given by the admission committee. Any non-compliance may result in invalidation of the application. In this regard;

  • Regularly check your mailbox including spam box.
  • Once you receive the invitation for the interview, pick a date through doodle as soon as possible.
  • Be ready at least half an hour in advance for the interview.
  • Make sure that you are in a calm environment with sufficient quality of internet.
  • Be online 20 minutes in advance and confirm your availability by sending a message in Skype to the account of icil admission.


B. The Composition of the Formation I Program 

In the Formation I program, students will receive lectures on public international law. There will be 3 hours lectures per week and one hour exercise per week. In total, it will make 4 hours of class per week.

The program will last 20 weeks 10 weeks per semester will be distributed according to the exam calendar of the students.

Classes will be held on the weekend at the ICIL HQ in Fatih.

Formation I students will benefit from exclusive tuition fees designated for them to participate in the summer and winter academies of international law.

Students will do presentations on the decisions of the International Court of Justice. They also will participate in national and international moot courts.

Students will have the chance to benefit from the mentorship program of ICIL. ICIL trainers share their international experience with the students on study abroad, moot courts, internships or any other related topic.


C. After Formation I Program

Students who successfully accomplish the program will have the priority for the Formation II program.

Based on the academic and study performance throughout the whole year, the academic committee will provide chances to them to take part in ICIL’s moot court teams.