Application Requirements

  • Successful completion of the ICIL Formation 1 program or to passing the entrance exam
  • Having sufficient level of international law background and language profiency (English)
  • Applicants older than 30 years cannot apply for the program. The evaluation will be based on the calendar year.
  • Applicants should complete at least 4 semesters in their bachelor studies. Advanced bachelor students and master students are particularly encouraged to apply. Applicants should also successfully pass their course on public international law.


Entrance Exam

In case there will be any quota left from ICIL Formation 1 students, the academic committee will organize a public international law exam in September for external candidates.

Based on the performances during the Skype interviews, the candidates might be invited to the entrance exam.

Candidates can prepare to the exam with any public international law book. However, we strongly advise them to use books in English to not to make any terminological errors.


The Composition of the Formation II Program

In the Formation II program, 8 international law themes will be deeply discussed through the year. Those themes are;

  • Sources of International Law
  • Actors of International Law
  • Scope of Sovereignty
  • State Responsibility
  • Enforcement
  • Use of Force
  • History of International Law
  • Theory of International Law

The lectures of Formation II program will be conducted from October to the end of August.

Each theme has maximum capacity of 25 students (20 attending students 5 reserve list students). A total of 25 students will be ranked on a performance-based basis. And 20 students will be selected at the end of each theme.

Lectures will be conducted with the link provided to the students through Adobe Connect platform.

ICIL Formation II program has 1200 TL (Turkish Liras) tuition fee. The income of the tuition fee will be solemnly used as funding in the academic activities of the students who are successful at the end of the semester. Students who passes diploma exam at the end of the program will receive 250 Euros contribution for their studies on abroad.


Expectations from the students

  • Being fully prepared for the lectures.
  • Continuity in lectures. Students are entitled to one absence inevery six months on a calendar year basis. No excuses will be accepted. It is the responsibility of the student to schedule his/her time and own program.
  • To make all compulsory reading for each week.
  • To make additional readings in the related issue when the students selected as panel members.
  • A specific book will be determined for each week. Every student is required to read the book in the given week and make a 30 mins presentation once in an academic year.
  • Active participation in classes.
  • Attending lectures in a quiet environment and with sufficient internet connection.
  • A disciplined work tempo in line with teamwork and professional courtesy.
  • The contribution of 100 TL per month which will be paid as two instalments as 600 TLs.


The structure of the lectures

0-30 min: (Warm-up process) Random question will be asked to the students related to the content of the lecture. With these questions, it will be measured whether the students are qualified to enter the class or not.

30-40 min: Break

40-70 min: Book presentation (20 min. Presentation + 10 mins Q&A)

70-80 min: Break

80-90 min: Introduction speech by the author

90-120 min: Q&A

120-130 min: Summary and Closing


Evaluation, Penalties & Rewards

A. Evaluation per Theme

There will be an exam at the end of each theme. According to this exam, 25 points will be awarded to the student who ranked first. 1 point will be awarded to the student who ranked last. There will be a parallel point decrease according to ranking.

Exceptional participation will be rewarded up to 5 points per session.

Last 5 students will be placed to the reserve list who has obligation to make the reading without having right to participate Adobe Connect sessions.

Any absence more than once per every six months will automatically result to the placement to the reserve list.

Any failure to make reading before the sessions will automatically result to the placement to the reserve list.


B. Evaluation at the End of the Year

Students should successfully complete at least 5 themes to be considered as a candidate to the diploma exam.

A blog post for ICIL Blog will be rewarded up to 5 points depending on the quality of the work. Maximum 15 blog posts will be taken into account for the sake of academic evaluation of Formation 2.

Up to 25 points will be allocated to the book presentations depending on the quality of the work.

Up to 25 points will be given to the moot court participation depending on the quality of the participation and perseverance.

A candidate for diploma exam should at least collect 120 points during the academic year.

Based on the annual ranking;

1st student will receive 1250 Euros for study on abroad

2nd student will receive 1000 Euros

3rd student will receive 750 Euros

4th student will receive 500 Euros

5th student will receive 250 Euros

These awards are contingent to the result of the diploma exam. Candidates should pass the diploma exam.

After the students present his/her budget, ICIL academic committee will evaluate the expenses and finalize the budget. On this budget, the student and the committee will decide on a program on abroad. For this program, ICIL will assume specific expenses rather than providing money in cash. In case the financial status of the student is not enough to the participation to the designated program despite the award, ICIL would undertake providing/searching additional funding.


C. Diploma Exam

After all the evaluation, ICIL academic board will have the final say on the candidates for the diploma exam.

Diploma exam will be organized in September as 3 sessions which will last 1,5 days. There will be 9 questions for 9 hours.

Exams will be evaluated by external academics. Successful candidates will receive ICIL Formation 2 Diploma as well as an annex which summarizes all the activities throughout whole year both in English and in Turkish.

The most successful candidate will receive additional 500 Euros reward.

Each successful candidate will receive 250 Euros reward. Therefore, a student might reach the maximum amount of 2000 Euros contribution based on his/her performance.