Istanbul Center of International Law basically aims to educate qualified lawyers worked on international law for our country. In the lights of this advisor principle, it determined subsidiary principles for itself. In this respect, it realizes projects not only on national level, but also on international level. When considering the relationship between states and individuals in our world, it is obvious that international law is necessarily examined in every discipline and also by each lawyers. These conditions make us responsible to educate lawyers who have a comprehensive knowledge on this area, especially academicians.

In our country, the number of law students are getting increased day by day. In parallel with this situation, the need of qualified lawyers while the reputation of Turkish republic is raising is more profound than ever. Our purpose, basically, raising world class lawyer to respond the aspiration of Turkey at global contest.

To be more specific:

  • Within the relatively new fields of International Law and its sub-branches such as Human Rights Law, International Criminal Law and International Law of Armed Conflict, taking the place that we deserve and contributing to the progress of these fields with our perspective
  • Starting from bachelor level, we would like to provide best facilities to most competitive students and remove the obstacles on their way
  • In order to ensure the future cooperation between idealist and qualified people, we would like to create a solid academic network
  • In short term plans, we started our journey as students platform but in midterm plans we would like to shift our work in direction of creating an institute which can correspond the lack of post-graduate studies in International Law
  • In order to overcome of working at international level, we would like to spread our international experience and knowledge on much broader level through the academic network

Creating bridges between students and scholars, we would like to use our rare resources in most effective way at aforementioned areas.